Women *making* history month

14 Mar

During women’s history month, it is hard to deny that many great advances in the rights of women and girls have been made, especially in the past 75 years. However there is a solid consensus among those who study these issues that progress in empowering women and girls has more than stagnated in the last 10 years — it has come to a grinding halt.  Knowledge of women’s history is important because it reminds us that the civil and legal rights women possess today are relatively recent developments, and not written in stone. If we leave the fight for gender equality in the history books, and take a passive stance towards the rights of women and girls, we will lose these achievements. More women and girls today need to become active advocates of equal rights for women and girls!

Check out Elizabeth Debold, writing for the Huffington Post, who urges us to think of this month in an active way, as “Women Making History Month”:



Are you an active advocate for the rights of women and girls? Or do you have ideas about you can contribute to this goal?

Tell us about it!

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