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6 Aug

ANNOUNCING the launch of, a virtual summit that brings girls and girl-serving organizations together to celebrate the first ever Day of the Girl on October 11th! The Virtual Summit features girl-friendly activities that incorporate educational and empowering elements related to the theme of Celebrating Girlhood. Girls can join our Day of the Girl Challenge […]

Countdown to Consultation Day!

24 Feb

Right now, girls and women from more than 150 countries are making their way to New York City for the annual convening of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Even though the meetings of the Commission over the next 2 weeks are restricted, the numerous NGOs dedicated to Women and Girls around […]

Hello girls of the world!

23 Feb

Welcome to this girls life, a website dedicated to the girls of this world, whose daily experiences vary so vastly, and yet share many common themes. We encourage submissions from all girls!